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Coach's Chalk Talk

4 May 2022


1. The Ancient Greeks prepared their young men for war by doing gymnastics!                                                                         

2. Women weren’t permitted to compete in gymnastic events until the 1920s.                                                                     

3. Acrobatic gymnastics, which were once referred to as Sport Acrobatics, are a group gymnastic sport for men and women. 

4. In the Olympics only women can compete in the Balance Beam and Uneven Bars.                                                                 

5.Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson was the winning contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2009.

6.Gabby Douglas is the first African American to win the individual all-around event.                                                                 

7.Most major gymnasts start their careers as early as two years old!                                                                                             

8.Total Sportek ranked gymnastics the fourth hardest sport,only falling behind Boxing, MMA, and rugby. 

9. Trampolining bounced into the Olympics in 2000.                                                                                                                           

10. In 2012 the average age of the USA women’s gymnastics team was 17 while the average age of the men’s was 21.5